Monday, October 25, 2010

A New Beginning

About a year ago we moved to my husband's family farm.  This farm has been in the family for generations.  We moved into the house that his great-grandfather built about 100 years ago.  It has been lovingly maintained throughout the years by family.  Our plan is to live as sustainably as possible.
We're starting a little late in life - (we both turn 50 this year), but better late than never.  My husband's family has farmed this ground for many years, and we plan to continue that, but we'd like to add a little twist -- instead of traditional grain farming, we'd like to add enough produce and meat that we can feed ourselves, with maybe a little extra to market.
I have been growing, using, and selling herbs for the past 12 years and I plan to continue that business.  I love to grow the plants and learn to use them in many ways.  I have been making soaps, salves, and other herbal skin products.  I also like to make up dip mixes using herbs and this summer I marketed many jellies and jams that also included herbs.  It's been a fun road to travel!
Here is the view of the house from the top of the barn taken Oct. 2009 while they were working on the barn.
This blog will be filled with ideas to share with you about what we are planting and how we use it.  I hope that you will find it interesting and will feel free to contribute your own ideas and comments.


  1. Mmmmm....and speaking from experience your jellies, herbs and salves are
    W O N D E R F U L!!