Friday, November 12, 2010

Hooray......moving the greenhouse this week!

We moved to the farm a year ago, but not all of our stuff has been moved yet.  We're only about 5 miles out from our old house in town, and my shop is in town as well.  So I'm back and forth from town to (new) home everyday.  Our son is living at our old house - which is why there is no pressure to get everything moved (NOT really a good thing).  So periodically, I spend some time in the old house sorting through and making decisions on 28 years of accumulation.
But the greenhouse was another story.  There were just too many other things to do beside undertake a big project of moving the greenhouse.  But as we are planning our garden for next year, and wanting to do LOTS more vegetable production, my hubby has been thinking about getting the greenhouse moved to our new location.  HOORAY!!! 
This last year was a challenge driving back and forth to tend to the greenhouse.  But, like I said, I'm in town everyday anyway.  So I would head to town, work in the greenhouse, go to the old house and gather some more items to move to new house, then head to shop to work for the afternoon.  But as the days got warmer in the spring, the quicker the greenhouse heated up for the day, cutting into the time that I wanted to spend in there.  Also, many times I would disappear to the greenhouse after supper and work for awhile in the cool of the evening.  It was a great time to transplant, giving the tender young seedlings the cool of the night to recover before being heated by the sun the next day.  But after completing supper and cleaning up the kitchen, I seldom wanted to drive back into town to work in the greenhouse for an hour or so.
The other thing that I really missed in the greenhouse this past year was my cats.  We had kind of an established routine of heading out to the greenhouse in the morning.  Our 2 cats - Puffy and Rosie would trail along behind me out to the backyard.  I would get busy working in the greenhouse and they would get busy chasing bugs or toads or finding a comfy spot to nap in the sunshine.  I really missed their company this past year as they currently reside at the new house and I really didn't think that they wanted to be loaded up into the van just for a ride back to the old 'hood.
The beginnings of the greenhouse frame at our new location.  Look at that beautiful blue sky!
So this week, as we were blessed with beautiful warm weather, Shawn decided that this would be the opportune time to move the greenhouse.  (Like I have nothing else to do this week!)  But I am happy that progress is being made.  So I spent this week sorting through the remaining plant trays, deciding which ones to pitch and which ones to save, and sorting and boxing pots, trays, and other greenhouse junk that needs to be transported to the farm and stored in a barn until the greenhouse is complete.  Wow!!!  I couldn't believe how much junk had accumulated in the 12 years that I've had the greenhouse.  (I'm SUCH a packrat.  Never toss out 'resources' my Auntie Royla says!)  Most of the junk has been hauled to the farm by me while Shawn and Jake did the heavy work of dismantling the greenhouse frame and loading it onto a trailer and transporting it to its new home.  The work continues, but I'm afraid that today is the last of the warm sunny days that we might see for awhile. 
It seems to me that the worst part of any big project like this is GETTING IT STARTED!  So now it's started and it's progressing.  I can't wait to have it all together and really start planning all of the things we want to plant for next spring!  Seed catalogs.......HERE I COME!!!!!


  1. I really enjoy your new blog Joyce.

  2. Thanks, Marnie. I appreciate your comments!